​​​​Thuy Tu Consulting, LLC, established in 2015, is a Portland based consulting business specializing in transportation analysis, transit planning, urban planning and analysis for transportation projects, capital improvement projects and environmental planning projects. Thuy is Senior Transportation Planner/ Project Manager  with over 24 years of experience and demonstrated aptitude to strategically manage and cultivate positive relations for project and plan implementation. Thuy provides services and integration of project management, public involvement, facilitation, planning, analysis, policy and community liaison. As a highly sought out consultant and educator, Thuy works in the intersections of transportation justice, resiliency planning, climate change and sustainability for public and private projects throughout the region and the Pacific Northwest.  


  • B.S. Civil Engineering, 

​       University of Portland

  • Foster School of Business Minority Business Executive Program,

       University of Washington

  • Architecture and Journalism,

     Benson Polytechnic High School 

Synergetic Leadership

Guiding and inspiring collaboration where the combined result is greater than the sum of separate parts.​​

Holistic Interconnection

Weaving together diverse disciplines for the best results now and in the future.



Planning for healthy and livable communities inspired by a sense of place and possibility.

Founding Principles

... where transportation is environmentally sustainable and organically integrated into the community through collaboration with multidisciplinary groups.

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​​​​Thuy Tu Consulting, LLC
  • Women’s Transportation Seminar (WTS)​​

  • Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)

  • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

  • Women in Environment (WIE)


  • Forth Mobility