East Portland Community Connections

Thuy is an advocate for sustainable, equitable and livable communities in East Portland, serving as a liaison for the Neighborhood Prosperity Initiatives (NPI) in SE Portland, through Prosper Portland with JADE District and Division Midway Alliance. 

JADE District/ APANO Steering Committee Member

  • Division Transit Project Community Advisory Committee
  • Community Development Sub Committee
  • JADE Governance Team


Division Midway Alliance

  • Small Business Advocate
  • Transportation Consultant​

​​​Urban Forestry Commissioner, City of Portland, 2017 - 2021

​​​​Thuy Tu Consulting, LLC

Thuy led the urban design and transportation planning of a graduate level architecture urban design studio for the University of Oregon focused on exploring and developing a holistic vision for 30 years future of the corridor. Thuy planned, led and facilitated this town hall public forum for the students and community members of East Portland for the transformation of East 82nd Avenue. 

​​Portland City Council Town Hall Meeting on East 82nd Avenue, July 11, 2017

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Thuy is an appointed urban forestry commissioner for the City of Portland, serving as an advisor to the Portland Parks & Recreation Director and the City Forester on the preservation of trees, education to the community about urban forestry, and beautification of Portland. 

Thuy serves as:

  • Geographical Area of Focus Sub committee Chair
  • Citywide Street Tree Strategy Community Advisory Committee
  • JADE Greening Project, an Oregon Solutions Initiative